Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Kavahn Mansouri vs. The World: Harry Potter: the chosen one

The Harry Potter series influenced the lives of a generation on a global scale. The characters grew with readers and warmed their way into readers’ hearts in a powerful way.

Asking ‘what’s wrong?’ and expecting an answer

Megan Washausen, a Life & Sports Editor for The Journal, speaks on why it is important to talk about your feelings— especially on facebook.

Netflix killed the video store

Sheren Khalel, Opinions Editor, expresses her lament at the loss of human interaction as we progress through the digital age.

Finding a Webster family

Megan Washausen, Life & Sports Editor, reflects on her successful time at Webster University as a commuter. She lends advice to other commuters looking to find a place to call home on campus.

Why Rams fans should be over the NFL

By Mike Thomas, Webster University student Stan Kroenke finished his charade with St. Louis on January 12 when the NFL announced the Rams are moving...

SGA working on new programs

This PSA was written by Vice President of SGA Zoe Burton Guess what is coming up, folks? Delegates Agenda. This means the administration is finally...

Condemning ISIS without apology

As a Muslim, Staff Writer Lara Hamdan condemns the acts of ISIS, but argues the extremists do not represent her religion, so she should not have to apologize for them.

Auxiliary parking a step in the right direction

I always get extremely annoyed when fellow students complain about parking at Webster.  Hearing classmates say they could not make it to class on...

Seeking the illusive point of Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is this Friday. Staff writer Hailey Kaufman questions whether the holiday is necessary, useful, or even counterproductive.

Haley’s House: Make college affordable again

College is becoming too expensive. So expensive college students are considering a college education to not be worth the time with a pile of student loan debt waiting for them at the end of the four years.

Politickin’ me off: Don’t let Missouri count as a vote for tyranny

In a different era of American politics, Missouri was a swing state. Missouri was one of those constituencies, much beloved by pundits, which could be counted upon to predict the general trend of the nation. We were once a state of averages, middle-of-the-ground all the way back to the Civil War.

Haley’s House: Support can squash student stress

Summer is three weeks away, but what stands between you and break are tests, projects, papers, and more tests. Don't let stress control your life; find ways to cope that will fit your personality.

Hey, Alexa: An ode to public transportation

I love public transportation. Running to catch the train, sitting next to complete strangers on a crowded train car, the rampant overflow of pigeons...

Leiden study abroad student compares the international campus to the Webster Groves campus

Study abroad student Stephen Swai has had opportunities to learn at both the Webster campus in Webster Groves and the Leiden Campus in the Netherlands. Here, he compares the difference between the two campuses, citing the home campus as "too homely."

New solar charging station a $20,000 waste

Webster says their newest green energy installation is the latest step toward a more sustainable campus. But Lifestyle Editor Matt Duchesne argues the solar charging station seems like more of a waste than a conservation effort.