Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Tattoo Taboo: Society has evolved, why can’t the work place?

Livie Hall, Calendar editor, discusses the need for workplace reform on tattoo policies.

Rams should apologize for sucking, not gesture

Five St. Louis Rams players made front page news when they held their hands up in solidarity with protestors Nov. 30. News Editor Tim Godfrey wasn’t offended by people against the gesture. He was offended people demanded the players be punished for exercising their freedom of speech.

Unity in the name of freedom in Palestine

In the midst of violence, destruction and ugliness, beauty and unity are still found in the Occupied Territory of Palestine. Being brown-skinned and brown-eyed, people...

How to deal with your family this holiday season

Most of us are preparing for the most wonderful time of the year. I can already smell the honeybaked ham that’s sitting on the...

Mind Over Media: Nerd out with reference culture

Journal opinions editor Cait Lore talks about the referential comedy in Big Bang Theory, and what that says about pop culture.

From the gear-head’s garage: Points to consider before purchasing a car

Joseph Strong, a mass communications major, has a passion for cars, so he stared an auto column. This week he shares helpful tips for students seeking to buy a car.

Thanks, but honey, I am not good

If you are anything like me, you have realized that you cannot go many places without hearing Andy Grammer’s hit single “Honey, I’m Good.”...

What will Donald J. Trump’s America look like?

"During his campaign, Trump made populist appeals to stop unfair trade deals and put an end to nation building overseas. He said he was going to shake up Washington and drain the swamp of corruption. Trump was able to energize evangelicals despite his crude manners. His ability to connect with white working class voters helped seal the deal for him. Like with Brexit, the national media seriously underestimated Trump’s appeal."

Haley’s House: World travel changes perspective on ‘first world problems’

Americans enjoy comfort amenities like hot showers and properly cleaned, filtered water. World travel, however, challenges your perspective and makes you find a greater appreciation for the little things.

An Arab in the ‘Wild West’ – It is time to accept America’s gun...

In a time where gun violence is at an all-time high, we need more armed individuals.

Mizzou scandal: a battle of racism

In light of the Mizzou scandal, I have concluded that America is unstable. While the American government is excelling in the aspect of warfare...

Hayley’s House: White privilege education is crucial to social change

Speak up next time you see racist Karen at the water cooler.

Auxiliary parking a step in the right direction

I always get extremely annoyed when fellow students complain about parking at Webster.  Hearing classmates say they could not make it to class on...

How to train your elephant

Hailey Kaufman, copy editor for The Journal, argues that study-abroad students in Thailand should choose an alternative to riding elephants or watching them perform.

Mind Over Media: Privacy, reconsidering our constitutional rights

This week's Mind Over Media explores how this digital age brings new privacy issues. Cait Lore, Opinions Editor, thinks that perhaps it is time to amend the constitution to include privacy.