Thursday, June 8, 2023

Letters from Thailand: a review of Bangkok

The familiar bright lights of the city flash in hundreds of colors all around as the van door opens. We step out into the...

From Independent Thoughts: As a person of color, I support Donald Trump

In light of Black History Month, I am hopeful that our president will make America great again.

Ted Bundy should not be idolized

     Zac Efron, the man that brought us such earth-shattering performances as “High School Musical” heartthrob Troy Bolton and lovable frat boy Teddy...

Fifty Shades of black and blue

Sexual abuse and emotional manipulation are not healthy BDSM, and they're certainly not erotica.

Letter to the Editor: Clueless as to context when comparing Harry Potter and Lord...

Creighton Chavez, art major, finds it inappropriate to compare Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter in Issue 26 of “Kavahn Mansouri vs. The World”. Read to learn why she finds comparing The Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter series an injustice to both.

Letters from Thailand: My first step into study abroad

The "land of smiles" has proved to be right when the Thais greet you with smiles every morning.

A call for campus-wide LGBTQ inclusion

Guest Writer Maggie Hake argues for gender-neutral bathrooms, an LGBTQ studies minor, and general inclusiveness for sexual and gender identity minorities on campus.

Thanks, but honey, I am not good

If you are anything like me, you have realized that you cannot go many places without hearing Andy Grammer’s hit single “Honey, I’m Good.”...

Songkran: A Thai water festival

It was a real splash

Political Cartoon: Magic ADP 8-Ball

Student asks the magic ADP 8-ball if they will get paid this week.

Tattoo Taboo: Society has evolved, why can’t the work place?

Livie Hall, Calendar editor, discusses the need for workplace reform on tattoo policies.

SGA Column: Get involved with SGA

Student Government Association Vice President Heather Hamilton will have a column every issue of The Journal about what is happening in SGA. There are many opportunities to get involved.

#Oscarssowhite they “don’t see color”

The nominations for the 87th annual Academy Awards go to... white people. Big surprise.

Hey, Alexa: An ode to public transportation

I love public transportation. Running to catch the train, sitting next to complete strangers on a crowded train car, the rampant overflow of pigeons...