Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Ted Bundy should not be idolized

     Zac Efron, the man that brought us such earth-shattering performances as “High School Musical” heartthrob Troy Bolton and lovable frat boy Teddy...

CEO’s need to use Twitter more responsibly

Let’s say your great Aunt suddenly died (climbing accident in the Bavarian Alps) and left you her company. Nothing much, just MPO Thumbtacks (I...

“I Kissed a Girl” can kiss my ***

"I don’t have an issue with a straight woman kissing other women. In fact, I highly recommend it. Bicuriosity and experimentation have a place in the LGBTQ+ community. But gay appropriation does not."

Battling Depression: from the mental black box to the big field of flowers

Imagine yourself in a black box in the middle of a flower field. You see the colors, you see the sun and you see...

Hayley’s House: White privilege education is crucial to social change

Speak up next time you see racist Karen at the water cooler.

Internet meme exposes users’ data

Story written by Mohammad Rafi Cena Millions of social media users, including celebrities, participated in the 10-Year Challenge recently. They are juxtaposing pictures taken recently...

A call for campus-wide LGBTQ inclusion

Guest Writer Maggie Hake argues for gender-neutral bathrooms, an LGBTQ studies minor, and general inclusiveness for sexual and gender identity minorities on campus.

Hayley’s House: “Speed” drugs like Adderall can be useful in the right hands

When college students are prescribed drugs like Aderrall, it can be helpful while under control.

Hey, Alexa cancel Kavanaugh

I am tired. I am only 20 years old, but I am tired of the way women are treated by men in this country....

Netflix killed the video store

Sheren Khalel, Opinions Editor, expresses her lament at the loss of human interaction as we progress through the digital age.

Milo Yiannopoulos should have been allowed to speak at UC Berkeley

Milo Yiannopoulos' visit to the University of California at Berkeley sparked violent and destructive protests. In the birthplace of free speech, a protest against someone's free speech is hypocritical to the university's history.

Stop asking how many people I’ve killed

"I served in the Marine Corps for four years. In that time I deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan. I experienced things during those firefights that I don’t talk about with anyone who isn’t a trained psychologist. I like to think I’ve come to terms with what I was involved in, but being forced to talk about it with strangers makes that hard."

My tattoos should not affect my career

The first thing people see when they look at me are my tattoos. I’ve had many people tell me I won't be able to...

Songkran: A Thai water festival

It was a real splash

What will Donald J. Trump’s America look like?

"During his campaign, Trump made populist appeals to stop unfair trade deals and put an end to nation building overseas. He said he was going to shake up Washington and drain the swamp of corruption. Trump was able to energize evangelicals despite his crude manners. His ability to connect with white working class voters helped seal the deal for him. Like with Brexit, the national media seriously underestimated Trump’s appeal."

Legislators hold abortion rights hostage

Illustration by Amber Williams Whether you are a pro-lifer who believes that your values supersede everyone else’s, or you are a pro-choice feminist shoving anti-patriarchal...