Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Ted Bundy should not be idolized

     Zac Efron, the man that brought us such earth-shattering performances as “High School Musical” heartthrob Troy Bolton and lovable frat boy Teddy...

GamerGate: Little boys throw controllers when girls join the club

The sexism and violent threats from a couple of extremists are keeping the gaming community from progress.

Debate empowers students

Speech and debate has changed my life. For those of you who don’t know, speech and debate is an academic extra or co-curricular activity...

Hey, Alexa: Why should I care about gun control?

I find it disturbing that I don’t even flinch when a CNN Breaking News alert pops up on my phone to inform me of...

“I Kissed a Girl” can kiss my ***

"I don’t have an issue with a straight woman kissing other women. In fact, I highly recommend it. Bicuriosity and experimentation have a place in the LGBTQ+ community. But gay appropriation does not."

Respect isn’t based on what she wears

Many women wish they could walk the streets without feeling the eyes of strange men on their bodies — and the hijab gives them that freedom. But women should be able to walk the streets no matter what they wear.

Tattoo Taboo: Society has evolved, why can’t the work place?

Livie Hall, Calendar editor, discusses the need for workplace reform on tattoo policies.

A call for campus-wide LGBTQ inclusion

Guest Writer Maggie Hake argues for gender-neutral bathrooms, an LGBTQ studies minor, and general inclusiveness for sexual and gender identity minorities on campus.

Global Thinking: Marvel launches female Muslim Superhero

Kavahn Mansouri, news editor, discusses Marvels new Muslim superhero, Ms. Marvel.

From Independent Thoughts: As a person of color, I support Donald Trump

In light of Black History Month, I am hopeful that our president will make America great again.

Letters from Thailand: What the Thai phrase “Mai Bpen Rai” really means

It's like Hakuna Matata, but much it has a much deeper emotion. Maybe.

A smoker’s dilemma: quitting the cancer sticks

I have overcome some tough issues in my day; joining the military and going to boot camp, recovering from a surgery that should have...

Nike is not a ‘woke’ corporation

On Sept. 3, Colin Kaepernick tweeted an advertisement of himself as the face of Nike’s newest marketing campaign. Without missing a beat, conservatives ran...

If Palin was president: ‘Water boarding is how we’d baptize terrorists’

"Water boarding is how we'd baptize terrorists," Sarah Palin.

Independent Thoughts: Independent voting is a dilemma

I am not a pointless voter as an independent. In fact, I am actually a part of the majority voters.