Activist Starsky kicks off ninth annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conference 


Rev. Dr. Starsky Wilson stressed the importance for young people to change the future at the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conference.

Wilson emphasized the power that current generations have to positively and effectively influence the future. He believes in the “brilliance of young Black students and students in general.”

“Trust students,” he said. “Trust young people…They make up the most diverse population America has ever seen…Their hopes for human dignity – their desire for a space where they might express their joy – is the most significant thing we can trust in for this future.”

Wilson also discussed the importance of training young people in public school for citizenship and community organizing to prepare them for full engagement in democracy. He believes having the ability to analyze public policy is critical for today’s youth.

Rev. Dr. Starsky Wilson speaks at the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion conference in Loretto-Hilton Center Feb. 26. Contributed by Rev. Dr. Starsky Wilson

He argued for protecting universities as a space for multicultural expression and learning. Wilson also noted that schools and corporations are failing to provide adequate education and opportunities for marginalized communities.

This year’s conference aimed to highlight the importance of the preservation of Black history, and foster “a space where these conversations can lead to meaningful change.”

This year’s DEI conference, “Navigating an Unclear Path Together,” targeted to focus on the current “state of ‘affirmative action.’” 

The two-day conference featured other local, regional and national experts who spoke on the Supreme Court’s affirmative action ruling last June, which ended race-conscious admission programs in colleges and universities across the nation. These experts discussed the ruling’s impact on individuals, businesses, philanthropic organizations and educational institutions. 

The conference continued to Feb. 27 and began with the panel, “Complexities of Marginalization: Navigating Immigration and Racial Equity for Immigrant and International Students.”

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