Webster University’s “Yu-Gi-Oh! Challenger”


If you wandered around the Sverdrup Building in March, you might have noticed flyers advertising Yu-Gi-Oh games for monetary prizes and a phone number to set up these meetings.

Contributed photo from “A.”

A freshman who asked to be identified as “A,” posted these flyers before spring break. He hoped that students would find time during hectic exams and midterms to unwind with an entertaining due and maybe even win some money.

“I know that around this time of year it can get very stressful for people like that. You have to worry about registering for new classes, your current classes are wrapping up and [you’re dealing] with housing and all of that. What I thought was that this could be a fun way to maybe destress and have some fun,” A said. 

According to A, the card game is beginner-friendly. Students can enter with no previous experience and learn to play while still having fun. 

Because a competitive card game can turn stressful when there’s money on the line, A had another plan in mind. He’s willing to negotiate the winning money, which is the first thing he discusses with potential competitors when they contact the number on the flyer. He said the environment is meant to be easygoing and not competitive at all.

“Whether you win or don’t win, I’m still gonna pay you money,” A said. “This is supposed to be a fun experience for everybody, but I still want people to come out and still get something in return.”

As of April, A is still offering duels and advertises them as much as possible around Sverdrup, East Academic Building and Emerson Library. He’s yet to have any offers, so the thrill of conquest — and cash — is still up for grabs!

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