As election results trickle in, local elections known, national isn’t


See which candidates and issues led in election results across Missouri. 

The polls closed at 7 p.m. on Nov. 3 in Missouri. The election night race, however, was just beginning as officials began to count the votes – all Missourians could do was wait and watch.

As of 3:05 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 4, results from all 3692 had been reported. Here are the results as listed on the Secretary of State’s website.  The results below reflect Missouri’s races. The presidential election is still unclear.


In Missouri, President Donald Trump (Rep) led in the race against Joe Biden with 56.826% of the vote – which consisted of 1,711,848 votes.

Joe Biden (Dem) received 41.257% of the vote, with 1,242,851 of Missourians voting for him.


Governor Mike Parson (Rep) earned 1,713,152 votes –  57.171%of the total count in the gubernatorial race. Parson became governor of Missouri on June 1, 2018, before which he served as Lieutenant governor.

Missourians cast 1,216,192 votes for Democratic challenger Nicole Galloway. This equated to 40.587% of the vote. Galloway currently serves as Missouri’s state auditor.

Lieutenant Governor

Republican Mike Kehoe earned 58.483% of the vote. This totaled 1,724,050 ballots cast for Kehoe. This total surpassed the 1,141,225 votes cast for Alissia Canady (Dem). Canady earned 38.713% of the overall vote.

Lieutenant governor Kehoe was appointed to the position of Lieutenant Governor in 2018 after Parson became Governor.

Secretary of State

Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft (Rep) received 60.591% of the vote, with 1,790,873 ballots cast in his favor. Ashcroft has served as Secretary of State since he was elected in 2016.

His opponent, Yinka Faleti (Dem), earned 36.283% of the vote with 1,072,415 votes cast to elect Faleti.

State Treasurer 

1,735,565 Missourians voted to elect State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick (Rep), giving him 59.183% of the vote. Fitzpatrick was sworn into his current position in 2019.

His opponent, Vicki Lorenz Englund (Dem), earned 37.980% of the votes cast.

Attorney General

Attorney General Eric Schmitt (Rep) was sworn into his current position in 2019. On Nov. 3, Schmitt received 59.467% of the vote. His opponent, Rich Finneran (Dem), received 37.783% of the votes.

Amendment 1

Amendment 1, which sought to impose a two-term limit on the offices of lieutenant governor, secretary of state, state auditor and attorney general. The majority – 51.974% – of Missourians voted no on this amendment.

Amendment 3

This amendment reversed some aspects of the 2018 “Clean Missouri”  and changed limits for lobbyists and campaign contributions. Read more about the amendment here. The majority of Missourians – 51.017% – voted yes on this amendment.


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