Marches to take place downtown


March for Reparations and the STL Women’s March are planning protests in downtown St. Louis this weekend.

Downtown St. Louis will be filled with protesters this weekend.

Two separate rallies will be taking place in the city. One, a march for reparations for the Black community. The other, a protest led by the STL Women’s March to oppose the recent nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

The March for Reparations is part of a national movement, taking place in several cities such as Portland, Oregon; San Diego, California; St. Petersburg, Florida and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“It is time for white people to break the silence and march for reparations. We must refuse to be complicit with our own government’s crimes against the Black community,” national organizer Jesse Nevel said. “Stand in solidarity with oppressed people by waging a struggle with our own ruling class to pay reparations.”

The African People’s Socialist Party initiated the campaign. The white activist organization which is under the African People’s Socialist Party’s leadership – the Uhuru Solidarity Movement – was given the task to coordinate the marches. The march will take place at 9:30 a.m. starting outside of the Carpenter branch of the St. Louis Public Library.

In addition to the march, the organization issued a set of demands.

STL Women’s March announced their rally on Facebook. It will start at 10 a.m. at City Hall. Social-distancing measures will be practiced.

According to the Facebook event details, the organization wants to “send a message about the fierce opposition to Trump and his agenda, including his attempt to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat.”

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