Webster employee tests positive for COVID-19


The employee was on a trip with the Conservatory students to New York City.

Chancellor Beth Stroble and President Julian Schuster sent an email to Webster students tonight. The email confirmed that an employee had tested positive for COVID-19. On March 16, the university had announced a member of the community was being tested for COVID-19 but had yet to confirm the results.

The email read:

“The international crisis continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and now it has taken a very personal turn for the University community. Today, we learned that a member of the Webster University community has tested positive for COVID-19. 

When this employee initially reported being ill, they immediately put themselves in quarantine and alerted the University while awaiting test results. All other employees, students and others who this person had recently interacted with also were notified and they too have been in self-quarantine. Our employee has now been notified of the test results. This employee participated in the Conservatory trip to New York City recently and we shared the news of their testing with our community on March 16. Recent information indicates that this employee’s health is on the rebound.  Our deepest wishes are that our employee fully recovers and that the others do not develop any symptoms of the coronavirus.

This has given us pause and made the crisis much more real for all of us. We urge everyone to take care of each other and themselves. And we ask that everyone take their local public health orders seriously, such as the stay-at-home orders issued this weekend by government officials in Illinois and the St. Louis region.

We hope all members of our community will continue to support each other during these trying times. We will continue to provide you updates on these changing situations and our thoughts are with all of you as you make the transition called for as we all cope with this pandemic.”

As always, this is a changing situation that The Journal is dedicated to reporting on. We will continue to update our community as often as possible.



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