Coronavirus causes fears for travelers at home and abroad


The spread of Coronavirus has caused anxiety for students planning to study abroad. This worry has now also spread to students planning to travel over spring break.

The Coronavirus has killed 12 people in the United States as of March 5, 2020. As the death toll rises, so do travel concerns from students at Webster University. For student Sammy Wood, the Coronavirus has brought up new feelings of anxiety about studying abroad.

“Not only am I stuck worriedly planning, but I think it also creates more anxiety for my parents,” Wood said.

Wood mentioned that she worries about all of the unknown possibilities. She said it is becoming increasingly hard to plan because of the lack of conversation about potential “what if” situations.

At the moment, Webster University is still accepting applications for study abroad despite the increasing number of travel warnings being released.

The travel concerns for students are now going beyond study abroad. Students from out of state, like Copper Petermeier are also starting to feel the travel effects of the virus. Petermeier is from Minnesota where no confirmed cases of Coronavirus have been reported.

“I have slight worry since I’m going to Duluth, Minneapolis, and Florida over spring break,” Petermeier said. “I doubt it will change my ability to go home.”

Despite his lack of concern, Petermeier said that he has heard from multiple sources that they have been advised against travel.

“I know a lot of friends who have wanted to study abroad and have been heavily advised against it,” Petermeier said.

Similar advisories have Webster student Adrianna Gladue Dreckmann nervous to leave the state. Her plans to visit friends might be put on hold because of anxiety induced by the recent outbreaks of Coronavirus.

“I’ve been weary to travel to Chicago next week to visit my friend,” Dreckmann said. “My anxiety about the warnings are stressing me out.”

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