LGBTQ+ students highlight their experiences at Webster


Webster University is a campus that promotes inclusion and diversity. Members of the LGBTQ community have faced challenges and have found inclusive systems at Webster.

Editor’s note: A person interviewed for this story, LP Guterman, uses singular they/them pronouns.

Webster University promotes the diversity and inclusion of all students. The Webster Groves campus is home to LGBTQ students. They contribute to the diverse environment the school tries to promote.

Caleb Broeker, a freshman at Webster, says his experiences as a queer person have not always been positive.

Photo by Caleb Broeker

“Being a member of the LGBTQIAA+, to me, means facing challenges,” Broeker said. “But it also means knowing and accepting myself for who I am.”

Broeker said the challenges he has faced are not only internal but also external. He said that one challenge was overcoming the heteronormative society and teachings he grew up with. Even as an adult, Broeker is still contemplating his identity.

“Gender identity is such a fluid thing, I think it’s not uncommon to question or be curious about what you identify with,” Broeker said.

Broeker is not the only student at Webster who has discovered their true identity. Freshman LP Guterman says that they identify as asexual, biromantic and nonbinary. Guterman said they feel safe to be themself at Webster University.

“Webster is definitely a safe space for LGBTQ students,” Guterman said. “The preferred name policy they have is awesome.”

Sexuality and gender identity span far beyond a name policy. Guterman wants students to know it is important to be informed about different sexualities and what they mean.

“Being a member of the LGBTQ community means respecting others and keeping an open mind about people,” Guterman said.

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