Student radio advocates for more usage


Jim Singer, Student Media Coordinator, helps oversee the student-run Galaxy Radio Station. Students are invited to explore the studio and run their own shows. The facility is open to all students interested in audio-related media.

“I think a lot of students don’t know that it’s available for them because you know, when you walk by, it looks just like a regular radio station and it is, but it’s more than that,” Singer said.

He mentioned that Webster students are failing to utilize quality resources that could be beneficial to their education. Singer routinely visits classrooms to help spark interest in students and encourage them to make use of the equipment.

“I get jazzed for helping people that really want to learn that stuff,” Singer said. “I’ve taught people how to do this in 15 minutes.”

Webster students Tyler Merkle and Michael Langston use the Galaxy Radio Station for their podcast “The Squeeze Baseball Podcast.” Both Merkle and Langston previously worked for the Cardinals. Together, they provide commentary about an insider’s perspective to baseball.

“If you care about sports or baseball in general, you would truly enjoy it,” Merkle said.

Merkle noted that Singer played an important role in their podcast startup. With only a microphone and an idea, Merkle and Langston turned to The Galaxy Radio for help.

“I know Jim very well,” Merkle said. “He has been very supportive [and a ] good contributor to the show for sure.”

Merkle said that not enough students are taking advantage of their access to high-quality equipment.

“I think a lot of people don’t know that you can check out professional quality audio equipment and use our very nice studio setup,” Merkle said.

Much like Merkle, Singer wishes more students were aware of their technical opportunities at the university. He said that not only can students create their own podcasts, but they can even host their own panel discussions. The studio is not limited to students of audio-related degrees. Singer hopes that more students will begin to show interest in making use of the studio.

“I just want students to utilize this facility and I want them to know it’s no imposition on me for them to stop by and ask if they can,” Singer said.

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