La Croix is La Gross


People who drink La Croix and say they like it are 100 percent lying. If you want to look fancy with some soda-like cans of sparkling water then La Croix is for you. If you want a refreshing can of sparkling heaven then you should drink literally anything else.

La Croix is one of the most disgusting drinks I’ve had in my life. It’s pretty much straight seltzer water that smells like different flavors. If you want to drink some nasty bitter water that smells like coconut then good for you. I would rather drink a glass of salt water sitting in 100 degree heat for over 24 hours than this nasty La Croix water everyone is obsessed with.

La Croix advertises that it is only made of innocent ingredients. In reality, it’s most likely to just be a single skittle dissolved in water.

It has no calories, no artificial sweeteners and is sodium free, but guess what, so does plain water from your sink that is much cheaper.. I had to spend $6 to buy a 12 pack of this abomination at Schnucks. That’s 50 cents per can. For that, I’d rather buy a can of good old fashioned soda. Sure, it’s not healthy, but at least I’ll be happy.

But hey, maybe I’ll keep it stocked in my fridge, so when I have people over, it’ll be the only drink available. That way, they’ll be so disgusted by the drink choices at my house that they’ll just leave. More alone time for me and longer nights of sleep without me having to kick people out at the end of the night. I’m certain people would stop coming over if I only had La Croix’s stocked in my fridge.

All in all, this water is nasty. La Croix water is a great idea in theory, but it loses its flavor the moment you open the can. It smells great but tastes horrid. This beverage is unacceptable. Drink literally anything else than La Croix. It’s pretty much the tide pods of beverages.

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