Ode to Croix


Unless you live under a rock, you know what La Croix is or have at least seen it floating around the internet. If you have been paying attention, you also know there is a hot debate surrounding the topic. La Croix lovers say it is a tasty and aesthetically pleasing drink, while the haters say it is bland and don’t understand the hype. Personally, I will love La Croix until the day I die–henceforth unfolds my honorable ode to La Croix.

For those who don’t know, La Croix is a carbonated water beverage infused with an assortment of natural flavors, from kiwi-watermelon to coconut to orange. The “La Croix” on the can label is tastefully strewn across a water-colored design to make a dang good looking drink for both your mouth and your Instagram.

The haters tell a different story. There are (fairly hilarious, no matter what side you’re on) memes on Twitter describing La Croix as carbonated water that tastes like whatever fruit someone tells you it tastes like. To me, this matters not–for I forgive its subtlety, as it is made up for by its refreshing taste and beautiful vessel.

Something that is also not considered in the hater argument is La Croix can be used for so much more than just a cool-looking, tasty drink. Carbonated waters are multi-purpose for consumption. In the coffee world, carbonated water is served on the side of espresso to help cleanse your pallet. With La Croix, the vague flavors in the drink can help bring out the tasting notes of the espresso.

La Croix can also be consumed to help ease UTIs in women and general nausea as carbonation plays a special role in these things. And the carbonation in La Croix doesn’t have strong, sugary syrups that may further upset your stomach like, say, a Sprite soda. I have also seen alcoholic possibilities with La Croix. A nice cran-raspberry La Croix flavor can spice up any vodka tonic or mojito. No matter how La Croix is consumed, its benefits and charm remain the same.

At last, I conclude my ode with this: La Croix single handedly extinguished my craving for any other sugary drink. With no sugars, carbs, or calories, it’s at least worth a try for people who are wanting to try something both fruity and health conscious. I am La Crazy for La Croix, and everyone should be as well.

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