Farewell to seniors


This season’s team was composed of  10 seniors, which was the most seniors on a Webster men’s basketball team in a single season. Chris Bunch said the bond he has developed with his seniors over time will always be unbreakable.

Bunch said he will miss them, but he will also be excited to see what journeys they will go on in their lives after college as they develop into adulthood.

“We’re going to miss all of the seniors a great deal, I’m really close to them and I’m very proud of what they accomplished,” Bunch said. “The seven four-year seniors that started here are all going to graduate this May and they’ve done a lot of good things. They’re going to go out and be great people, it always makes you feel good when people go through the program the right way and go out and be good employees, good people and good dads.”

Senior guard Rabasa Dobbins-Turner said the four years he spent playing for the team was a great experience for him. He said playing alongside his teammates for four years made his college experience really special.

“It was really fun,” Dobbins-Turner said. “It had its ups and downs, but it was a great experience for me and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

Now that his career at Webster is over, he said he hopes the team continues to have success in the years to come. He said he hopes the returning players have fun just as he did at Webster.

“Just stick with it, stay focused, it goes by faster than you think so enjoy it,” Dobbins-Turner said.

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