The Beatles recording producer to talk to students about the overuse of technology


Recording producer/engineer for the Beatles, Ken Scott, has a resume that the Chair of the Audio Engineering Society Andrew Witthaus said he is impressed by. Scott has worked with rock and roll artists such as Pink Floyd, Duran Duran, Elton John and many others. He will be bringing his experience to Webster University as one of the keynote speakers at the Central Region Audio Student Summit on Saturday, March 22.

Chair of the Audio Engineering Society Andrew Witthaus said he is excited about Scott’s presentation. He had spoken with Scott via email and his wife, Cheryl, over the phone.

Chair of Audio Production Barry Hufker called the Summit a “mini national conference” and that it would feature workshops, presentations, seminars and product demonstrations. He said he hoped that his students would learn a lot from Scott and that this experience will “bring a unique form of education.”

“Find out from this person what life is like, what the industry is like, what are the talents required, and gain a perspective that no one else can give you,” Hufker said. “He’s worked with the best.”

Scott said he has tried to steer away from the Audio Engineering Society in the past because he feels that they are too technical. Webster University’s student chapter of AES told Scott that he could speak about whatever he pleased and that they wanted to hear his story. Once that agreement was made, AES paid for Scott’s rental car and hotel stay in Central West End, as they do for the keynote speakers each year.

Scott’s presentation is called “Abbey Road to Ziggy Stardust”, as is the name of his book. He wants to talk about the overuse of technology in the control room and wants to inspire those who are coming to the Summit.

“(Creating music) has to come from the heart, not from the head,” Scott said.

Saturday, March 22 is the second day of the Summit. Scott will speak from five to seven p.m. in the Concert Hall of the Community Music School. The event is open to everyone and costs $10 to get in.

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