SGA elects Lukumanu Sodamade as vice president


On Tuesday Feb. 11, the Student Government Association unanimously elected Lukumanu Sodamade as vice president of SGA.
SGA President Katie Maxwell said that she knew Sodamade was the right candidate for the job.
“He’s just always been on top of everything, and he has always been my righthand-man before he officially became my right-hand-man,” Maxwell said. “He’s always kept up on top of paper work, kept track of numbers and he’s been to every single SGA meeting. He hasn’t missed a beat.”
When she was elected president, the position of vice president became vacant, and Maxwell thought she would leave a note to encourage Sodamade to pursue the vacancy. Maxwell discovered her right-hand-man had beat her to the punch.
“I made a note to him and jokingly (wrote) ‘so, there is an open vice president position, I don’t know if you’ve heard’ and he had told me that he had already submitted his application,” Maxwell said.
During the meeting, Sodamade presented his case before SGA as to why he should be elected as vice president. Sodamade said that he was not nervous about his presentation.
“I thought if it was meant to be, it will happen. If not I’ll move on and continue to do my things,” Sodamade said.
Sodamade said that the focus of his presentation was to give the members of SGA an idea of why he felt he was the right person for the position.
In addition to helping the president and other members of SGA, Sodamade said that the vice president also “finds a passion.”
Sodamade said that his passion was making sure that there is an open line of communication between the student body, SGA and Faculty SGA. In doing so, he hopes to have a better “understanding of how external committees work.”

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