November 26, 2020

SLIDESHOW: Photography class captures NYC over fall break

Students enrolled in Bill Barrett’s “Photography in New York” course had the opportunity to travel, and experience New York City through the lenses of their cameras. The class spent Oct. 20-26 in New York and students had the opportunity to interact with “New Yorkers,” browse galleries and meet professional photographers.

Senior photography major Laura Schilli described the experience as one she’ll never forget.

“I enjoyed going around meeting people in the industry like photographers and teachers, and some even owned studios,” Schilli said.

Students visited prominent sites such as the International Center of Photography, SELF-Magazine in Time Square and the 911 Memorial. Senior Dan Debrey, a film production major minoring in photography, visited retouching studios where students could see how professionals use Photoshop for high-end photography and magazines.  Retouching studios are known for doing work for magazines like Theory and Victoria Secret. Debrey said one of his most memorable moments was learning about photographers Alexey Brodovitch and Benedict J. Fernandez. Some of Fernandez’s most widely acclaimed photographs were of Martin Luther King Jr. during his last year of life.

“He took powerful photographs of the last year of MLK’s life, one being MLK in his casket with his family looking over him,” Debrey said.

Both students said they were glad they took this class, and had the opportunity to network with professionals in the field of photography. Schilli said she will always remember walking into Condé Nast where publications such as Glamour, Vogue, Teen Vogue, GQ, and the New York Times are produced. She said a pinnacle of the trip was when she saw the 12th floor of Vogue. Debrey said he will remember the fast-paced New York atmosphere and the down-to-earth people most of all.


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