New Professor Calls Webster Students Inspiring

Victoria Brown-Kennerly, Photo by Holly Swan

Victoria Brown-Kennerly is a Midwest native from Michigan who came to Webster University to serve as an adjunct professor of biological sciences.

Brown-Kennerly began her undergrad studies at the University of Michigan where she majored in biology. It was not until after completing a work-study program at the university and conducting her own research that Brown-Kennerly discovered her love for science. She said she had many great educational experiences while in college, but hit a hard patch when her father passed away.

“It was a major shock,” Brown-Kennerly said. “My father was the main breadwinner of our family. He was the stability and safety net.”

Brown-Kennerly managed to continue her educational expedition while maintaining three part-time jobs. Her mother was one of her biggest encouragements.

“Even before college my mother always said, ‘education is your freedom,’ so I kept going,” Brown-Kennerly said.

She shares her academic achievements with one of her closest inspirations, her brother. Her brother is also a scientist who currently works for Coca- Cola.

Brown-Kennerly said she chose to take the road less traveled and has gone head first into research and writing for the majority of her career. She said one of her core values is to reinforce work ethics while balancing discipline and creativity.

Brown-Kennerly devoted countless hours to studying, research and writing, but there were other goals she was determined to accomplish.

“I decided to have children. I decided to have a large family,” Brown-Kennerly said. “It’s a lot of work to balance the two, but when you love what you do, you can do it.”

Brown-Kennerly said she finds balance and happiness when she is learning and teaching. Teaching gives her a sense of giving back by contributing to society in a meaningful way. She said she feels elated about being a part of Webster’s faculty. She said the students at Webster are inspiring and make teaching a rewarding experience

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