In the Mood for Something New: Frog-Gigging in the Black of Night


Three weeks ago, I had no idea what frog-gigging was. I probably would’ve tried to argue gigging wasn’t a form of the word gig. Of course, I would’ve been wrong because gigging can mean a) traveling in a gig, b) performing a gig or c) catching fish or frogs using such a device.

During my vacation in West Virginia, I found myself doing the latter. At 11 p.m., I was trudging around a pond, my silver flats sinking in the mud, hoping the beam of my flashlight would land on one of the croaking amphibians, and that I wouldn’t step in horse droppings. That’s right, at the suggestion of my boyfriend’s uncle, I was hunting frogs, with every intention of frying up the legs of one of my prey to eat.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined doing this. Trust me, if I had, I’d have dressed more appropriately. But that’s what my philosophy on life is all about! My motto: Switch it up for spontaneity’s sake on a daily basis. And some days, when the opportunity presents itself, go frog-gigging.

To my fellow city-dwellers, allow me to explain more about frog-gigging. A gig is a multi-pronged spear, though my mom and I affectionately refer to it as a giant fork. The pole of this giant fork ranges from five to eight feet if you’re gigging for frogs; longer for fish.

It’s best to go out in the evening — the darker, the better — so that you can better spot frogs with your flashlight. The light dazes them, granting the hunter the opportunity to go for the kill. Stunned or not, the frogs aren’t easy to catch. They’re slippery and fast, so pack patience with your flashlight and gig. I’m not going to describe the process of skinning a frog. My animal-loving, never-killed-anything-that-wasn’t-an-insect heart can’t take that again, so if you must know, look it up!

I have a minor amount of guilt about my assistance in the kill. I was just the flashlight girl. No stabbing for me, but I’ll be the first one to tell you, deep-fried frog legs are delicious and taste like a cross between fish and chicken! One small frog leg doesn’t amount to much, but the meat was tender and slightly slimy.

I’ve always enjoyed trying out new things: food, music; places; clothes; you name it! About a year ago I thought, why not start chronicling my ventures in all things new and inform my readers — adventurers and hesitant individuals alike — about whether or not the time and potential expense is really worth it.

That said, next time you’re in the mood for something new, check out my blog at If you have suggestions for even more new things for me to try, I’d love to hear them! Find me on Facebook at “In the Mood for Something New” and post your suggestions!

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