Webster senior film series: Keith Lutker, ‘A Mechanic’s Response’


Keith Lutker’s film, “A Mechanic’s Response,” tells the story of a young couple faced with an unexpected and unfortunate situation. Armed assailants attack the young couple in the film, Dylan and Brooke. In the scuffle, Dylan tries to meet the demands of the attackers while Brooke is more defensive and urges Dylan to protect them.

The incident is loosely based on a situation that happened to Lutker’s parents-in-law. After attending a birthday party in St. Louis City, Lutker’s parents-in-law walked to their car in a parking lot. Two “thugs” met them there.

“The situation that followed (for my parents-in-law) isn’t how my movie goes, but I based it off of that night and how that night went. It was a long night because of the scare,” Lutker said. “It’s a situation you hear about all the time but never see yourself getting into. So I took that and felt it and it was real. So I knew I could make something real out of my writing and turn it into a film.”

In “A Mechanic’s Response,” the situation causes Dylan and Brooke’s relationship to falter.

“The main character, Dylan, is trying to pull his wife back to him as she remains distant as she blames the attack on him,” Lutker said. “I wanted to do something a little bit raw and real.”

Lutker’s goal for the audience is to keep them entertained, hold their focus on his film and cause some tears.

“I want (the audience) to take this film in and understand unfortunate events do occur. And to immediately jump to conclusions or hold somebody accountable for something they couldn’t control, (which) isn’t the right way to go about doing things,” Lutker said. “Assess the situation and try to make the most of what it is and move forward.”

Lutker said he is proud of all the aspects of his film, but he said he is especially proud of his actors. In preparation for filming “A Mechanic’s Response,” Lutker contacted Joni Tackette, a St. Louis casting agent, for Lutker’s actors. Tackette has casted for films such as “Up In the Air” and “Glory Road.” She helped Lutker find actors for his three main roles.

“I reached out to her and jumped into the water feet first,” Lutker said. “I’ll always take a chance.”

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