Letter to the editor: Webster Groves resident suggests potential Delegates’ Agenda items

Submitted by Webster Groves resident, Dave Buck
I just read your great Opinion piece regarding your ideas concerning the Delegate’s Agenda.  For whatever it’s worth (which is likely not too much), I agree with going to three versus five agenda items.  The three you listed are all important but they are also more short-term, immediate opportunities.
But should the Delegate’s Agenda also focus on truly bigger, maybe even longer-term issues for the future welfare, identity and educational focus of Webster University?  For example, in brief, such issues could involve:
– How can the entire university unite and work together against the common goal of increasing both undergraduate and graduate enrollment?
– Only 20% of Webster U’s undergraduates study abroad.  If Webster U is committed to differentiating itself as a truly global university, should study abroad be a graduation requirement for every undergraduate?
– Given that Webster U’s 21,000 total student body is over 75% graduate students, not undergraduates, should Webster U focus and own the niche as the nation’s #1 leading graduate school?
– Correspondingly, Webster U is, I believe, the #1 university in the nation in granting graduate degrees to African-Americans and other ethnic populations.  Should this be the primary focus of Webster U?
– How can Webster U better leverage two of its core equities: 1) its Business School which is, by far,  the biggest and most popular school in the university, and 2) fine arts/performing arts school, which is what Webster U is best known for and a major creative force in the country?
– Finally, could Webster U offer a college education in 3 years versus 4 years?
Food for thought.  Thanks for listening.  Keep up the great work.

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