William Penn University gears up for first HvZ game


While Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ) has been at Webster University for three years, universities across the nation start up their first games every year.

Josh Stutting of William Penn University in Oskaloosa, Iowa, will bring the long-form, role-playing game to William Penn University in October.

Stutting got the idea when his friends from another university began playing and he started to hear the stories.

“They couldn’t come hang out or anything because they had to survive,” Stutting said.

Stutting began planning in late August and has the game set to begin the first week of October.

“It’s spreading like wildfire. I have people coming up to me and asking questions when I’ve never met them before,” Stutting said.

Besides word-of-mouth, Stutting is using viral marketing, such as online videos, and having students in zombie makeup appear in public areas to advertise for the first game.

Stutting said he’s had nothing but support from William Penn’s administration for the game, but funding the game has been a problem. He has high hopes that the game will be successful and carry on at William Penn.

“Hopefully this is a sustainable thing for us,” Stutting said. “We want this to do well enough that people will want to do it.”

Stutting added he isn’t worried because he expects HvZ to bring together his campus unlike any other activity.

“For being a small town in Iowa, we have a very diverse group. This is the only activity that every single group will want to be a part of that I can think of,” Stutting said. “This is really a community-building game.”


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