Faculty/staff diversity training, more budget jobs among topics selected at Officers’ Summit


More than 70 student leaders brainstormed ideas for improving Webster University during the fall 2012 Officers’ Summit in Sunnen Lounge on Friday, Sept. 14. Students listed 20 issues that ranged from a desire for more campus green space to a university-run bus shuttle for commuter students who use the metro.  Following a vote, student leaders narrowed the list to the five following topics.

Increased class offerings and related issues. These issues included the cancellation of classes required for degree completion — due to low enrollment. Students also voiced concerns that some of the required classes are only offered once during an academic year.

Diversity training for faculty and staff.  Students raised this topic in response to several instances of alleged racism on campus. Students wished for the training to further educate faculty and staff about multiculturalism and the concept of an accepting, global citizen.

Financial assistance with GRE and Praxis testing.  Students would like to be reimbursed for passing test scores on these examinations. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is for grad school. The Praxis test is for teaching certification.

Budget Jobs. Students said more on-campus budget jobs should be created —because of cuts to financial aid packages and work-study ineligibility,

Alumni/Student Mentor Program.  Summit attendees would like the development of a program connecting undergraduates with alumni in a student’s field of study (i.e. a public relations student paired with a corporate spokesperson.)  The goal of the program would be to provide students with alumni support and networking as they prepare to graduate.

These topics will be presented to the administration during the Fall Delegates’ Agenda at 3 p.m. on October 2nd in Sunnen Lounge.

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