Editoral: Fresh faces in SGA election


It’s SGA election time at Webster once again, but it seems as if something is different this year.

There are 25 candidates running for positions this year. Each school and executive board position has at least one candidate, compared to years past when certain positions have relied solely on write-ins.

The Journal is pleased to see students so interested in student government. An engaged and excited government is essential for progress, and should hopefully translate to a more active student body. SGA is an important avenue for having student voices be heard.

The Journal would like to offer a couple of observations or possible explanations for this sudden boom in SGA involvment.

First, the eight freshmen running shows a sense of involvement from newer students The Journal welcomes. This also sets up longetivity of SGA members to continue contributions for years to come.

Also, we notice that a decent number of current candidates running for SGA office are international students. Webster has always prided itself on our global citizenship. International students are taking an active part in campus politics, and  we believe this will only create a culture that even further supports diversity.

The Journal encourages students to get involved with SGA. This organization plays an essential and powerful role in the lives of Webster students and shouldn’t be ignored.

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