Vladimir Radojkovic wins SGA election


The Student Government Association (SGA) election results were released after the original delay. Vladimir Radojkovic received the highest votes for president with 349 votes, making 50.94 percent of the vote. Presidential candidate Zoe Burton received 283 votes, making 41.31 percent of the vote, and Isaiah Santiago received 50 votes, making 7.29 percent of the vote.

The voting cast this year was 702, a 194 increase of votes from last year.

Noor Rashid received the highest votes for vice president with 382 votes, making 57.96 percent of the vote. Vice president candidate John Wallis received 143 votes and Taylor Michl received 124 votes.

The Webster student body voted for the 2018-2019 SGA candidates the week of April 15. The tradition, according to the Dean of Students, has been to release the results of the election on the Friday after the voting is closed. Dean of Students John Buck said people came forward with concerns over the voting process. Buck decided to investigate the process and put the release of the results on hold. The results are now released after six days of investigation.


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