November 27, 2020

Samuriot wins Battle of the Bands, will play at SpringFest

Samuriot plays at Roadhouse on March 28 in the Battle of the Bands competition. Samuriot won the competition and will open for Reel Big Fish on April 14. PHOTO BY BRITTANY RUESS

Webster students crowded the tables at Roadhouse as Campus Activities announced the winner of Battle of the Bands just after 11 p.m. on March 28. Students voted for their favorite bands at Roadhouse. Samuriot, a Ska rock band, won with 73 votes from the night. The band will open for Reel Big Fish at SpringFest on April 14.

“We feel really good,” Nate Golomski, senior audio production, said.  “I’ve been anxious all day.”

Campus Activities sponsored Battle of the Bands and posted videos of candidate bands online. Online voting narrowed the selection down to three bands — Samuriot with 361 votes, 431 with 122 votes and Aaah! Real Monsters! with 120 votes. These top three bands performed for 30 minutes each at Roadhouse.

Golomski said he is excited for SpringFest.

“Andrew (Vogel) and I, we’ve been buddies since kindergarten. We’ve always loved Reel Big Fish,” Golomski said.

Samuriot said it was a challenge to get into the competition because they opened at SpringFest last spring and

Aaah! Real Monsters! was the third and final band to perform at the Battle of the Bands at Roadhouse on March 28. PHOTO BY BRITTANY RUESS

were almost not considered for the competition.


The band:

— Nathan Golomski: Trumpet/Piano/Vocals
— Andrew Vogel: Saxophone/Vocals
— Mike Belaska: Guitar
— Pete Weigel: Bass
— Tyler Jensen: Drums


Check out The Journal’s issue on April 4 for the full story.

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