VIDEO: Webster University freshman basketball player looks up to teammate sister


Webster University freshman Kylie Fenemor’s sister, Webster senior Tori Fenemor, helped influence her love for the game of basketball. With only a two-year age difference, the Fenemor sisters have a close relationship. Now Kylie and Tori Fenemor share their passion for basketball and sisterhood on the same college team.

The basketball player

Kylie Fenemor is a guard for the Webster junior varsity and varsity basketball teams. She plays two guard positions and she’s a forward as well. Fenemor said she’s mainly defense-oriented.

Webster University senior Tori Fenemor (right) and her sister, Kylie Fenemor, who is a freshman guard for the women's basketball team. Photo courtesy of Kylie Fenemor.

“That’s my strongest position,” she said.

Fenemor’s coach, Jordan Olufson, stated in the women’s basketball media guide that he counts on her to use her defense to the team’s advantage.

“Kylie is very athletic and can defend really well. We look for her to gain confidence on offense and to pest people with her defense,” Olufson said.

Kylie Fenemor said she’s not as confident about her offensive game. She tries to get the ball in the post, but she passes it to another guard if she can’t get the ball down low enough to score.

The junior varsity team was scheduled to play two games this year, but both were canceled due to a shortage of players, as several players have been injured. Kylie Fenemor dislocated her jaw during a practice, when a teammate hit her with her shoulder. Kylie Fenemor wasn’t able to protect herself and her jaw immediately popped out of place. The other two J.V. players injured an Achilles tendon and a knee.

Kylie Fenemor was recently cleared to get back onto the court for the J.V.’s first game on Dec. 3.

Fenemor’s basketball beginnings

Kylie Fenemor said she started playing basketball after she came to watch one of her sister’s games. Tori Fenemor‘s middle school basketball team needed a fifth player, so Kylie Fenemor got thrown into the game. She said she scored a couple points for the team and fell in love with the sport. She has been playing ever since.

Webster University freshman Kylie Fenemor (left) passes the ball to older sister Tori Fenemor before a game at Grant Gymnasium. Photo by Kristen Schubert.

Kylie Fenemor realized she wanted to play in college when she saw that her sister still had time for both basketball and school. She said she also enjoys being on the team with her older sister.

“Playing with her is even better,” Kylie Fenemor said.

Tori Fenemor has been playing basketball since elementary school. She’s a forward for the Gorloks. She describes her position as the person who works “in the paint.” Tori Fenemor is 5-foot-8 and plays against players who are much taller than her.

“It’s the land of the giants,” Tori Fenemor said.

Sisterly love on the court

Kylie Fenemor and her sister are always looking out for each other on the court. She said her relationship with Tori Fenemor on the court is anything but sibling rivalry.

“She’s always been my biggest fan and I’m her biggest fan, ” Kylie Fenemor said. “I’d do anything to get her the ball.”

Kylie Fenemor said her older sister is honest with her and very supportive. Tori Fenemor tells her younger sister what she’s doing wrong on the court and what changes to make.

She encourages Kylie Fenemor on the court, even if she makes a bad play. Tori Fenemor knows her sister isn’t as confident when she shoots, so she works with her on short and long-range shots to keep her form consistent.

“She’s working on it,” Tori Fenemor said. “It’s getting there.”

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