Editorial: Cardinal nation in Gorlok county


If you hadn’t noticed, there’s this little thing going on now called the World Series. Baseball season is drawing to a close as the top two baseball teams in the country go head to head for the 2011 title. The Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals will be duking it out for the highest prize in Major League Baseball.
St. Louis, more than most other cities around America, has been totally swept up in the tense seven-game series.
Check your Facebook feed. Many Webster students are showing support for their home team by incessantly posting words of encouragement and Cardinal-inspired profile pictures as the Cardinals seek to win the title, not to mention some serious bragging rights.
Of course, The Journal would like to declare here our undying support for the beloved Cardinals, now down by one game to the Texas Rangers. Be assured that our newsroom is a flurry of score updates and cheers whenever the birds are playing.
The Journal enjoys seeing a sea of red around campus and loves the sense of pride and community students are experiencing because of the World Series games.
Maybe Webster students shouldn’t be furiously checking scores on their smart phones during night class, but with such excitement and Cardinals pride in the air, it’s hard to blame them. Who would have thought that a liberal arts school like Webster could be inspired by baseball?
Maybe there is a deeper message for Webster veiled beneath the drama and glamor of the Cardinal’s struggle for superiority. Go to Grant Gymnasium any night when there’s a game. Whether it’s basketball or volleyball, baseball or soccer, Webster students have a poor track record of supporting Gorlok sports.
When it comes to the birds, even Blues hockey and Rams football — a regularly dissapointing outing every Sunday — many Webster students are quick to show their devoted fandom. Gorlok sports have a solid history of greatness in the St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SLIAC), with stand-out athletes who display competence and talent in the classroom as well as on the field.
Sure, we’re not a professional brand, but don’t the Gorlok athletes deserve some love? SLIAC has some excitement too, folks.
The Journal believes Webster’s athletes deserve the same excitement for their accomplishments, and would love to see better student turnout at campus sporting events. Sure, they aren’t on television, but they work hard, they play hard, and they don the gold and blue of your alma mater.
That being said, The Journal also believes that the Cardinals are beyond worthy of the World Series championship, and can’t wait for the team’s return to Busch Stadium to kick some Rangers ass in the final two games.
Go Cards!

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