News Brief–SGA election results


Fall 2011 SGA election results announced

The results for the Fall 2011 SGA Elections have been announced. Sabrina Reveron and Justin Sanderson were elected to the Graduate Senator positions, receiving 108 votes and 101 votes, respectively.
Christopher Whitmore, Kris Parsons, Adrian Barnello and Britnee Bauman will fill the four At-Large Senator positions available.    Whitmore received the most votes of the candidates for the At-Large Senator positions with 110 votes, followed by Parsons with 106 votes.  Barnello received 97 votes and Bauman received 82 votes.
Abby Hopkins, a write-in candidate for the Fine Arts Senator position, secured the spot with 33 votes.  There were no contenders for the Education Senator position and the office remains open.  From Sept. 19–22, the student population cast a total of 165 ballots.

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