News Briefs-Human vs. Zombies, SOC Social and Free Buss Passes


The war between zombies and humans begins-HvZ

In 2009, Sam Vest- a sophomore at the time, brought a game called Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ) to Webster University.  He publicized and created the week long spring game with his own money, spending around $600 out of pocket.  Two years later, HvZ is now an official student organization funded by student affairs, and Sept. 27 will start the first game played in the fall.

Jeremy Day, current president of HvZ, decided to bring the game to the fall in addition to its usual spring season due to the high involvement rate.  Day said many students wanted to participate in the game, but didn’t have time to participate for the whole week in the spring. Now, they’ll have an extra opportunity to get involved.

“There’s an overwhelming popular demand (to play HvZ),” Day said.

Another strategy in having a fall session of HvZ is to attract more freshman involvement on campus.  It is a highly interactive game that students become very involved in for its five day course.  In order to “survive”, humans must band together to defeat the zombies, and that creates friendships among the players.  Josh Hickey- a residential advisor (RA) in west hall- didn’t even let a concussion from the game stop him from playing.  This fall will be his third semester participating.

“I, indirectly, became an RA because of HvZ,” Hickey said.  “It’s a great way to be involved on campus.”

Every semester there is a story for the game.  This year a mad scientist has created an infection that he wants to distribute to the whole human population to create the walking dead- zombies.  This scientist believes this will create a pure union and a stable following for his cult.  “The end is nigh” and the idea of the apocalypse are some of the themes that have sprouted from the plot.

The game will start on Sept. 27 and go thru Oct. 2.  All students interested can sign up online and the initiation meeting will be the first night at 10 p.m. in the Winifred Moore auditorium.

Mixing and mingling with the School of Communications- SOC Social

The School of Communications (SOC) held its sixth annual SOC Social on Sept. 20 in the Sunnen Lounge.  Students and faculty within the SOC were invited to come together to socialize and get to know one another.
“It’s just a good time for students and their professors to relax, mingle, and to get to know each other,” said Susan Napoleon, coordinator and event planner.  “Also we want to show students that the staff is here and we support our students.”
SOC Dean Debra Carpenter said she wants older and younger students to know each other and see how they can progress in their major.  The purpose is to build community, Carpenter said.
“For my first SOC Social I have to say it was good and I was glad my professor, Jorge Oliver of the Film Production department chair, was here to help me with my blog project,” said Ambreya Eddina, freshman broadcast/digital journalism major.
Napoleon said that she was delighted with the outcome of the event. Approximately 54 students and staff came to the event.

University Center lots closed during Homecoming Carnival, Webster to provide bus passes

Webster University will close lot H, better known as the UC parking lot, due to the Homecoming Carnival Sept. 22-25. This cuts 25% of campus parking.
SGA suggested Webster provide bus passes for students while the lot is closed.
The passes are available now at the University Center (UC) front desk. They will be valid for the days the carnival will be held.
The University will also be providing a free shuttle service that will run from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. from Deer Creek Plaza to Emerson Library for students that park out at the plaza.
These passes are not only for the buses, but for the Metro link as well. For more information on the bus pass and the shuttle, stop by the UC front desk.
Check out video coverage regarding the UC parking lot and how to get a free parking pass at

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