New fitness center program provides prizes to exercise

Webster University Fitness Center
Webster University's fitness center. PHOTO BY GALE WHITEHEAD

“Work it to win it” at Webster University Center’s fitness center offers students the opportunity to win a prize for working out. With support from Campus Activities, the fitness center staff launched this initiative last week to encourage students to take advantage of Webster’s workout facilities.

All someone needs to do is either work out or swim for 30 minutes to get their name entered into a raffle. Drawings will take place on Mondays throughout the fall semester. The first ticket was pulled Sept. 19 and the winner was Candice Brown, whose ticket was drawn out of 100 others.

Brown won a basketball, Gatorade towel and water bottle. Future prizes will include other fitness-related items such as yoga mats and jump ropes, which are provided by Campus Activities.

At the beginning of this year, Myrna Homm, coordinator of the fitness center and pool, asked her work study employees to come up with ideas to bring more traffic to the area. After brainstorming, employees Kaytlin Burczak and Dave Schwab came up with what is now known as “Work it to win it.” The main goal of the program is to get students who ordinarily don’t have a specific reason to work out to do so more regularly.

Burczak and Schwab pitched the idea to Campus Activities. From there, Campus Activities and fitness center staff have been working together to organize and promote the program.
Programs like these are among those that the Webster Wellness Committee promote. Human resources formed the committee last April to promote a community of wellness at Webster.
“We are trying to see what is already going on on-campus and incorporating it,” said Cheryl Fritz, chair of the Webster Wellness Committee.


Fritz, who is also the benefits and compensations manager in human resources, is a new hire from last year. She was brought on board by Betsy Schmutz, chief human resources officer, to work on increasing wellness. The committee’s goal is to inform students and staff about events that have to do with wellness.

The range of events the committee is currently promoting covers a broad horizon of groups and departments — such as counseling and life development — as well as outside organizations like the National Eating Disorder Association.

The committee is composed of staff members and two students. Among the involved staff members is one from Webster’s Denver campus. Though the roots of the committee are at Webster’s home campus, the goal is for the committee to reach all branches of Webster.

Their website,, is the committee’s main source for information on events, resources and information to educate individuals regarding ways to stay healthy.
The committee started meeting in April and due to the short amount of time it has been in place, Fritz said there is quite a bit they have to learn about Webster as a community.

The Wellness Committee is asking students to take a survey to learn how to set priorities according to students’ needs. In regard to students, the group is also working on ways to encourage students to go to counseling when needed.

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