Notes from a Human


Josh Hickey, sophomore animation major, shares his journals during Humans vs. Zombies week

Sunday, April 10 6:43 P.M. They are lying. They all are lying. I can tell just by looking at their faces. They rather let innocent people die and cover up their own asses then tell us all the truth about what’s going on. They say there is no infection yet we are still having a meeting tonight? More to come…

Monday, April 11 11: 30 A.M. Made it safely. Hit a Mailman with a sock. Better to be safe than sorry, right? Nothing to report.

Monday, April 11 1:23 P.M. Michael Henry is dead. I held him in my arms and watched him turn. His lasts words were, “Ashley Lam.” This just brings up to many unpleasant memories that I am not willing to visit yet. Regardless if I am ready or not they are here right in front of me….Michael … YOUR DEATH WILL BE AVENGED!

Tuesday, April 12 6:37 P.M. Nowhere is safe. There are 32 zombies. One of them includes one of my fellow RA’s Jenni Taylor. I have already had to put her down twice. I hope it doesn’t happen again. I can’t even leave to get food. NOWHERE IS SAFE!

Wednesday, April 13 7:45 P.M. Mission was a complete success. We lost a few comrades in this mission, but their death will not have been in vain. We got the cure. I’m very proud of my squad. We held off a rushing horde so the humans could get back safely. FOR HUMANITY!

Sunday, April 17 2:17 P.M. I have survived two of the three infections that has hunted these lands, but humanity also finds a way to survive. I have for two years. I have lost many comrades here but they are replaced by other survivors that we can make a future with. this infection has not pulled us apart, but yet brought us together in a way that many people cannot explain. The only thing that I can say is that Humanity will go on and I will go on. FOR HUMANITY! More to come…next year.

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