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Cheri Hicks is recognized for service during snow days

During the days of the “snowpocalypse” on January 31 through February 2, students thought Marletto’s Marketplace would be closed due to the weather, but Cheri Hicks and her associates did not let that happen.

Hicks, the director of catering, made sure every shift was covered by either herself or other faculty as they prepared meals for students. To ensure the students were fed every day, she slept in her office overnight.

For her service, she won the “Person of the Month Award” by the Webster chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH).

On March 29, NRHH president Tegan Bouchard, vice-president Erin King and secretary Erin Quinn surprised Hicks at the University Center with a plaque and a stuffed animal.

The organization recognizes leaders who go beyond their duties to ensure on-campus residents have the best experience possible at Webster University.

Hicks said she does not think what she did was outstanding.

“It’s our responsibility to make sure they’re fed,” Hicks said. “It’s just part of our duty. Marletto’s will be open regardless of any kind of weather.”

King said students do not realize all that faculty and staff do for them.

“It seems like what she did was a really selfless act,” King said. “I think she went completely above and beyond her duty.”

Hicks said she had no idea she won the award. She was surprised to see the NRHH outside her office presenting her with it.

“It brightens my day,” Hicks said.

Bouchard said she was glad she won, and she can only imagine the drive Hicks made from her home to school in the snow. Bouchard said the weather was so bad that she didn’t leave her room during the snow days.

“I actually heard about (Hicks) being at Marletto’s through a friend,” Bouchard said.

Hicks said the students who did venture out of their rooms during the snow days seemed grateful and appreciative of her work. She said she was impressed.

“I’m more than complimentary on how they acted,” Hicks said. “No one gave us trouble.”

Other than Hick’s service to students, Bouchard believes she is a nice person to be around daily.

“She’s just a great person in general,” Bouchard said. “She’s always willing to help people out. The students seem to respect her a lot.”

Bouchard said she believes Hicks represents character that many faculty and staff have at Webster.

“There’s a really strong student-staff connection,” Bouchard said. “I feel like they care for us  — not just as students but as individuals.”

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