October 24, 2017

Author: Yue Zhang

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Daughter and father share the stage

Senior acting major Austen Danielle Bohmer was born into the world of theatre. Both of her parents work in the industry – more specifically, Broadway – so she spent a lot of time in theatres growing up. But theatre is not the only thing she has in common with her parents: attending Webster University runs in the family, too.

Photo illustration by Melissa Buelt
ZLATKO COSIC / Contributed Photo
Webster student Jared Campbell helped organize the art therapy-inspired event / Photo by Yue Zhang
Illustration by Sarah Blankenship

The haunted history of Webster University

Places with a long history usually have scary stories to tell, and Webster is no exception. According to some, the oldest residents on Webster’s campus are actually its ghosts, and every once in a while they make their presence known.