Center for International Education dissolved


The Center for International Education (CIE) was dissolved and incorporated into other departments to better serve students’ needs and develop Webster’s globalization strategies.

“During the past five years, Webster University has strategically engaged more opportunities for students to learn about globalization and embraced further internationalization of our curriculum,” said director of public relations Patrick Giblin. “As part of those initiatives, the University has looked to provide greater opportunities in our global educational mission, including how CIE fit into those changing structures.”

The CIE was a office devoted to promoting study abroad programs and international education.

The change with CIE was part of Webster’s long-term plan to provide greater opportunities in the global education mission. The process has begun in 2011.

Students are not severely affected by these changes. Employment status of CIE employees is also not  influenced by this reorganization.

“The changes have made the programs previously managed by CIE to be much more responsive to the needs of students, faculty and staff,” Giblin said. “Besides making programs more accessible, they also are able to connect students, faculty and staff to other existing programs.”

The major and certificate of International Studies major is now housed in the College of Arts and Sciences. This was the major function of CIE.

Other CIE functions have been absorbed into other departments. Academic Affairs manages the International Distinction Award for students. Student scholarships for international studies is now part of Office of Study Abroad’s role. The program of faculty grants for international curriculum has been transferred to Global Program Development. A faculty member will handle the university contact for Faculty Fulbright grants.

According to Giblin, students, faculty and staff will benefit from the changes and be better connected to the resources.

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