December 14, 2018

Letter from the editor: Welcome back, Gorloks. We want to hear from you.

The quad is full, the halls are buzzing with new life. If it isn’t obvious, the semester has started and with it The Journal has published its first issue of the academic year. 

Illustration by Sarah Blankenship

Illustration by Sarah Blankenship

For new students, enjoy Webster. This happens to be my last semester here, and I can tell you that getting involved on campus was one of the best decisions I ever made. There are more clubs and organizations on campus than I can list in this letter to you, so make sure to make it to the Involvement Fair this semester.

As for The Journal, you’re always welcome here as well. But this year we’ll be focusing on the idea of involvement and student voices. New students and old, this semester we want to hear from you.

Our main focus this year is to ensure that Webster’s students are aware of The Journal as not only a resource for news, entertainment and something to read between classes, but also a platform for your voices. Now more than ever, your voices need to be heard at Webster.

I’d like to encourage you to send me an email at, or at, if you have a story to tell, are interested in getting involved at The Journal or just feel like telling us what we’re doing right, or more importantly, what we might be doing wrong. If we’re messing up, we want to know so we can grow from your critique and learn from it. We feel the need to serve the students of Webster as a news source and a soapbox to stand on when they need one.

So again, I implore you to send an email, stop by our office in Sverdrup 247 or come to our Publication Board meetings (you can find the time and date in our masthead). As always, we want to promise our readers the same promise we make every year. We make the vow to follow our vision to the best of our abilities: to consistently provide the Webster University and Webster Groves community with the most current and contextual information using both print and multimedia while serving as a learning platform for our staff and a forum for our readers. 

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