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Humans vs. Zombies Fall 2012

The popularity of HvZ at Webster is at an all-time high this year with more than 200 students registered to play. Read more about the growth of the game across the nation, this year’s plot twist and a highly experienced player and his “Rogue Squad.”

HvZ’s plot involves Stroble and Schuster

Storyline of this semester's game of Humans vs. Zombies includes an election theme, splitting the humans into two teams.

Why you shouldn’t play humans versus zombies

"No one seems to notice, or care, that this is functionally a children’s game — a slightly more sophisticated form of tag. It has absolutely no educational value, no social or political significance, no artfulness or creativity. It is, at base, a collegiate-level continuation of recess (which usually terminates after grade school)."

Nerf guns and socks: a history of Humans vs. Zombies

Chris Weed and Brad Sappington, the creators of Humans vs. Zombies, based the game off an older game called Assassins.

William Penn University gears up for first HvZ game

Student Joe Stutting is bringing Humans vs. Zombies to his campus, William Penn University in Oskaloosa, Iowa.

Dylan Schnitker: the double agent of Humans vs. Zombies

HvZ player Dylan Schnitker leads the ‘Rogue Squad’ when human, captains the zombie horde after being ‘turned."

SLIDESHOW: Humans vs. Zombies Fall 2012, Day 2

View photos of the hunters and the hunted during the second day of the Fall 2012 HvZ.