Saturday, March 25, 2023

Couples grow closer from a distance

Two Webster students in long distance relationships discuss the challenges of being geographically separated from a significant other and how they've overcome them.

Homesickness can be felt from any distance

Homesickness can affect even those close to home. Webster sophomore Jake Kevrick lives only 22 minutes from campus yet he misses the smell and the feel of his home in Eureka Mo.

Tips for Overcoming Homesickness

1. Decorate your room with mementos to create a “home away from home.” 2. Keep a journal about your experiences and how they made you...

Former Webster student transfers to a university closer to home

Former Webster University student Emmett Gladden transferred to Ohio State for his sophomore year hoping to find a college where he could fit in, but he realized it was not the college, it was his homesickness.

Sense of community abroad aids student adjustment

Homesickness hit Ellie Duff when she studied abroad. She said her homesickness had a great deal to do with the loss of her father six weeks before she left to study abroad.