Monday, September 26, 2022

Webster Groves city council approves GasMart

On Nov. 19 the Webster Groves City Council voted unanimously to allow a GasMart to be constructed on a now vacant lot in in Old Orchard

City Council extends public hearing for institutions, specific information only

After a nearly month-long break from holding public hearings concerning educational rezoning ordinance 8851, the Webster Groves city council opened up the public hearing...

DOCUMENT: Webster Groves City Council passes bill to put limitations on funeral protests, pickets

Webster Groves is one of many municipalities to pass an ordinance which places limitations of the protesting or picketing of funerals.

Public hearing extended as clarity between city, institutions was not reached

The city council gave the floor to Eden and Webster to clear up any misunderstandings between the institutions and the city, but the two sides could not see eye-to-eye.

Tension rises after public hearing reopens

The Webster Groves city council hoped to receive new input and information on the proposed educational zoning ordinance, but instead the council received disapproval of the ordinance and their process of holding a public hearing.

Webster Groves signs 20-year lease for solar panels on city service center

Webster Groves signed a $130,000 20-year lease to install solar panels at the city service center. The solar array system will produce an estimated 60 percent of the service center’s power.