Thursday, August 18, 2022

Turn lane delays parking garage

Safety costs of adding a left-turn lane, and how such a lane might alleviate traffic were among the topics discussed at the city council meeting on Tuesday Aug. 20.

Webster Groves City vote Tuesday may allow Webster University to use land at Eden

Click to read the opinions expressed by community members, university representatives and councilmembers at the June 16th public hearing on a bill, which would allow the university to cross Lockwood. The council will vote on the bill August 20.

Campus projects delayed over substation and left-turn lane

Campus projects such as the Interdisciplinary Science Building, and the Parking Garage expansion cannot be built until the substation is up and running.

Webster Groves City Plan Commission delays Webster University’s proposed expansion for master plan due...

Webster University’s 'unspecific intentions' involving use of the Eden Seminary's Luhr Library resulted in their proposal being delayed on Monday, April 1 at Webster Groves City Hall.

DOCUMENT: Webster Groves City Council passes bill to put limitations on funeral protests, pickets

Webster Groves is one of many municipalities to pass an ordinance which places limitations of the protesting or picketing of funerals.

Webster Groves named ‘creative community of the year’

Webster Groves Mayor Gerry Welch recognized Webster University as a contributor that helped the city earn the 2013 Missouri Arts Award for Creative Community.