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Webster Body Art Special

Body Art, Tattoos and Webster University: personality, memories, and controversy

Veteran combats PTSD with tattoos

The U.S Air Force discharged Robin Ricca in 1988 after she filed a sexual assault claim. Almost 30 years later, Ricca said she began contemplating how her tattoos helped her cope.

VIDEO: Asymmetrical Ear Gauges, Tattoos belong to Student Employee from Cleveland

It is estimated that 19% of people in the United States have some form of a piercing. Julian Williams is one of those 19 percent and has a very unique story on how they came to be.

VIDEO: Study Abroad, Return Tattooed

Nearly everyone collects souvenirs to remember their study abroad trip, but some students choose to pay for the permanent souvenir: a tattoo.

VIDEO: Tatted to Show Faith and Spirituality

Matt Mason's cross tattoo represents his Christian devotion. Bill Duvendack's tat is a pictorial representation of his belief of the afterlife.

VIDEO: Tattoos Believed to be Sinful, Show Bad Taste

Deja Randle is a devoted Christian who believes tattoos of crosses and Bible scriptures are wrong.

VIDEO: Students Get Inked to Show Love for their Major

All students express the love they have for their major through their work, but some take their love to the next level.

VIDEO: Webster Art Student uses Tattoos to Express Himself

Tom Cline designed his sleeve tattoo himself, including the heart on his bicep.