Monday, February 6, 2023
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How does Webster handle students with disabilities? Listen to stories from exceptional Webster students firsthand.

Masks create problems for deaf individuals

St. Louis County issued a mask mandate for everyone over the age of 9. This public health order has caused new communication barriers for...

‘It doesn’t define me’ – Webster art student with Cerebral Palsy finds a way...

Samantha Peters has impressed her friends and teachers with her ability to overcome cerebral palsy.

VIDEO: Living with Attention Deficit Disorder is Harder Than You Think

Erin Hindalong sticks post it notes to her apple so that she doesn’t forget to eat it in the morning. This kind of routine with sticky notes helps Hindalong live out a normal day with ADD.

VIDEO: Student with Hearing Trouble Benefits From Assistive Technology Services

Hearing impaired student Megan Moore says Webster has done an excellent job accommodating her needs.

VIDEO: New Academic Building is Handicap Ready

Stairs, malfunctioning elevators, and longer routes are typical things handicap students at Webster University deal with on a daily bases. With the new academic building set to open, has the university made its new building handicap accessible?

Student with Cerebral Palsy Overcomes Obstacles

Ava Roesslein says Webster does a lot to help her with mobility but one day Roesslein was put in a tough position when she reached the top floor of Webster Hall.

VIDEO: Education Majors Prepare for Exceptionalities in the Classroom

Students tied handkerchiefs over their eyes tried to cross streets, open doors and drink from water fountains on campus.