Sunday, February 28, 2021
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How does Webster handle students with disabilities? Listen to stories from exceptional Webster students firsthand.

VIDEO: Student with Hearing Trouble Benefits From Assistive Technology Services

Hearing impaired student Megan Moore says Webster has done an excellent job accommodating her needs.

VIDEO: New Academic Building is Handicap Ready

Stairs, malfunctioning elevators, and longer routes are typical things handicap students at Webster University deal with on a daily bases. With the new academic building set to open, has the university made its new building handicap accessible?

Student with Cerebral Palsy Overcomes Obstacles

Ava Roesslein says Webster does a lot to help her with mobility but one day Roesslein was put in a tough position when she reached the top floor of Webster Hall.

VIDEO: Education Majors Prepare for Exceptionalities in the Classroom

Students tied handkerchiefs over their eyes tried to cross streets, open doors and drink from water fountains on campus.