Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Chekhov’s Gunman: Oscar bait is good for you

Webster student Kevin Lanigan gives his view on the difference between movies made solely to receive awards and movies made to tell a story.

In the Mood for Something New: A search for the best hot chocolate in...

Megan Washausen, Lifestyle Editor, went on a mission to determine St. Louis' hot chocolate hotspots and reveals her top three selections in this week's blog-inspired column.

Students “Upcycle” to Stay Green

Students acknowledge America Recycles Day by crafting with repurposed materials.

VIDEO: Student brings his culture for Japan to Webster

Devin Spencer, a freshman study abroad student from Japan, teaches a form of martial arts called "Shorinji Kempo" on the Quad every Tuesday evening. He said the main reason he teachers it is to build self-confidence and to have fun.

Senior dance students choreograph performance inspired by life experiences

Dance Majors are putting four brains together to produce their first fall 2 Bachelor of Fine Arts concert, a capstone project that is required from senior dance majors. The concert is titled “Betwixt,” another word for balance.

Webster University students confess on social media

The student-run Webster Confessions Facebook page has reached 796 likes in little less than a month. Regular users, page visitors and the administration discuss the page and anonymous social media usage within the scope of the university.

Q&A: Webster Confessions administrator discusses the page, the confessions and the criticism

Megan Washausen, lifestyle editor, sat down with the administrator of the Webster Confessions Facebook page over fall break with the understanding that his or her identity would remain anonymous. Read what he or she had to say.