Thursday, March 4, 2021

Busy schedules isolate Conservatory students from peers

The busy schedule of Conservatory students grants them little time to mingle with their non-Conservatory peers.

The Rep’s artistic director attends Conservatory auditions, gives professional consideration

Webster University Conservatory students work throughout the year for The Repertory Theater of St. Louis. Work can range from ironing dresses to changing sets. But for certain students who stand out from the crowd, there is a brighter future.

Conservatory students fundraise for new LA showcase

Conservatory seniors must each raise $1,000 for their newly structured LA trip. This trip gives performance students an advantage for finding work after graduation.

Webster University alums’ short film ‘Les MiséraBaristas’ wins Viewer’s Choice Award in the Tiny...

Four Webster alums had the opportunity to showcase their post-college work experiences with the world in a musical short. The premise of the short is based of cast members’ work experiences as a baristas. The film won the cast the Viewer’s Choice Award in the Tiny Film Festival.

Student Veterans Organization aims to ease veterans’ college transition

Student Veterans Organization (SVO) President Charlie Mach served in the Marine Corps for seven years before coming to Webster University. He hopes that the SVO can serve as a haven for veterans, like himself, as they adjust to being university students — a life very different from the one they had grown accustomed to while in service.

Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus right down Lockwood Lane

Second annual 'Santas on the Loose 5K' benefits children during the holidays.

Webster students plan date auction for charity

Webster University date auction hopes to raise $500 for the less fortunate Tuesday night.

SLIDESHOW: ‘The Mousetrap’ opens at Repertory Theatre

A wintery English night at the Monkswell Manor ends in murder and intrigue in the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis’ adaptation of Agatha Christie’s “The Mousetrap.”

A fondness for fashion becomes a career

ADD ABSTRACT: Former Webster student Sean Phillips turns his interest in fashion into a hybrid career.

In the Mood for Something New: Old Clothes Unite New People allows users to join or create groups based on common interests. One such group, Vintage Enthusiasts has met twice since its creation two months ago.

Alumnus Seth Jackson returns to Webster’s lighting and design program

Webster alumnus returns to teach in the department that taught him.

[&] Ivory | Supergroups: Musicians unite

Bands join together to create music.

VIDEO: Cheering squad adds testosterone to group

Over the years, Webster University’s cheerleading team has struggled with retaining members. This year not only have they added new members to the group but some “man” power as well.

‘If you die, die dramatically’: Larping on the quad

Webster student LARP on the quad with weapons in hand, on Monday, Nov. 25.

Staff member brings “critters” to Pearson House

Binx Ceramics creator, Karen Miler, showcases her creations on campus, woodland creatures and all.

Chekhov’s Gunman: Oscar bait is good for you

Webster student Kevin Lanigan gives his view on the difference between movies made solely to receive awards and movies made to tell a story.