Thursday, February 2, 2023

Former student Gabriel Violett successfully auditions for The Voice

Seventh time was the charm for Gabriel Violett, who managed to turn two chair around during his audition for the hit NBC show The Voice after trying to get to that stage multiple times. Violett is the brother of director of student engagement Jennifer Stewart.

House fire sparks student’s passion for photography

Sophomore photography major Gabrielle Deimeke always loved taking pictures as a child, but after a house fire destroyed nearly all her family’s photographs, her love for photography ignited into a passion.

Michael Long carries on fencing tradition

Adjunct Michael Long honors former coach through fencing class lessons

Colombian student’s love of learning takes her around the globe

Luisa Mercado earned a full ride scholarship to Webster in 2013. Now in her senior year, she hopes to start her masters degree in Saudi Arabia.

Webster graduates work behind-the-scenes on Super Bowl commercials

Webster University graduates Sean Funcik and Brian Verbarg became collaborators in two drug awareness advertisements that were broadcast during the 2017 Super Bowl.

MSA holds third annual Eid Bash

In celebration of Eid Al-Adha, MSA’s Eid Bash entertained attendees while educating them on Islam and the terms related to it.

Battling narcolepsy with nutrition

Webster University student Charissa Martin considered herself the “always-sick, never-feels-good” girl who normally took around six medications at once. But after adopting a gluten-free diet as a way to combat her narcolepsy, she has seen a huge improvement in her day-to-day life.

Kromer reaches for the stars

Webster student Zach Kromer's obsession with space, coupled with his interest in web design, led him to a paid internship for the United Launch Alliance (ULA) in Denver, Colorado this summer for ten weeks.

Professors, students voice opinions on Ice Bucket Challenge

by Estevan Ruiz While it started out as a video challenge among a small group of people with the disease, The Ice Bucket Challenge has...

‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ come true

Webster University graduate Caroline Amos’ dream came true when, after graduating from college, she was cast as Hamlet in Hamlet and Puck in A...

Daughter and father share the stage

Senior acting major Austen Danielle Bohmer was born into the world of theatre. Both of her parents work in the industry – more specifically, Broadway – so she spent a lot of time in theatres growing up. But theatre is not the only thing she has in common with her parents: attending Webster University runs in the family, too.

Alum starts Jimmy John’s franchise

Torrey Woodcock opened a Jimmy John's in Sullivan, Mo., making it the fourth Jimmy John's location since he started his own franchise.

Webster graduate opens cat café

St. Louis entrepreneur and 2009 Webster University graduate Ben Triola gives coffee a furry twist with the opening of the Mauhaus Cat Café.

Webster assistant professor Lisa Brunette releases new app “Sender Unknown: Into the Woods”

Lisa Brunette writes and releases new "text based adventure" app to positive reviews.

Craig Miller Sr. builds foundation at Webster

Craig Miller, Sr.'s dedication to architecture at Webster has produced state-of-the-art buildings like the East Academic Building and The Interdisciplinary Sciences Building. His love and appreciation for architecture is deeply rooted in his family's history.

VIDEO: Cheering squad adds testosterone to group

Over the years, Webster University’s cheerleading team has struggled with retaining members. This year not only have they added new members to the group but some “man” power as well.