Saturday, April 10, 2021
Jim Singer sits in the studio

K-SHE legend shares his expertise with students

School of Communications student media coordinator Jim Singer found his passion for radio at a young age. He wants to help the next generation...

Fertility experiences inspire alumna’s new film

When alumna Zoe Kennison was told by a doctor that it was a woman's duty to have children, this inspired her to create a film that tackles the experiences and pressures on women regarding parenthood.

Student describes Thailand with three words

Study abroad student Macy Salama talks about her first impressions of Thailand.

College Democrats’ president urges students to get involved

Kaleigh Finney pushed the Webster University College Democrats to stay involved on campus despite COVID-19, according to Webster student John Wallis. Senior history major Kaleigh...

The St. Louis “Ripper” connection

Could Jack the Ripper have died in St. Louis? Dr. Francis Tumblety, a suspect in the murders, did. Webster University graduate student Michael Sandknop is looking into the connection as well as the evidence in his upcoming documentary.

Webster student pursues career in medicine during COVID-19

Senior biological sciences major Lauren Coleman's dream is to enter the medical field. Her journey to this goal has taken her from the Galapagos...

Animation major explores as many art forms as possible while attending Webster

Since coming to Webster, animation major Hannah Harms has learned to see her art in a new way. Hannah Harms doesn’t want to hold...

‘Life moves forward’ for family of officer slain in Kirkwood shooting

Kirkwood police officer Tom Ballman made the ultimate sacrifice for his community on Feb. 7, 2008.

Former mayor of Kirkwood Arthur McDonnell recalls victims, community adversity in the wake of...

Art McDonnell continues his life despite the tragedy he lived through. Even so, he remembers the victims he knew personally.

Webster University Conservatives’ president aims to help others with his work

Whether helping to give conservative students a voice on campus or working to become a motivational speaker, Webster Senior Vincent Fedorko wants to positively...

Battling narcolepsy with nutrition

Webster University student Charissa Martin considered herself the “always-sick, never-feels-good” girl who normally took around six medications at once. But after adopting a gluten-free diet as a way to combat her narcolepsy, she has seen a huge improvement in her day-to-day life.

Art as a comfort space

After serving in the Army infantry, Webster University senior Riley Williams is still fighting, but this time through a different form: art. His artwork is inspired by a politically darker meaning than the bright colors that meet the eye.

Rolling Ridge Nursery grows from deep family roots

With the craze of the spring crowd, the garden team at Rolling Ridge Nursery is sticking to what they know: history, flowers and family.

From student to chief of staff: Webster alumna’s journey in the Missouri state Capitol

When Megan Price met Missouri State Senator Jill Schupp back in 2017, she was a “total fangirl.” Now, she serves as Schupp's chief of...

Keeping up with “Keeping Busy”

Cydney Lucio became a YouTube personality after a video she was in went viral over two years ago. Now operating her own channel, Lucio is setting an example of confidence for her young followers.

Noor Tagouri encourages students to embrace uniqueness

Tagouri spent her early chlidhood rejecting her hijab. She now uses it to empower herself and others.