Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Cameras and Cutups

“Battle: Los Angeles” proves too fast and too familiar If there is a plot to “Battle: Los Angeles,” it is news to me. In the...

Quidditch Club sponsors trivia night

“I know this!” Duc Nygen, the president of the Quidditch Club, shouted during the Harry Potter Trivia Night Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Sunnen Lounge at Webster University. As everyone sat down to their tables and ate as they listened to “A Very Harry Potter Musical” in the background. Sam Jones, the sergeant of arms of the Quidditch Club, thought this was a good alternative to playing Quidditch because of the cold weather

Special School District students inspire, show individuality

An unlikely cast of different personalities come together every Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. — one Special School District (SSD) teacher, two teachers aides and four autistic students, all aged 20 to 21. They come together to learn, but have bonded as a family.

Real Beauty

Audrey Simes, a junior dance major, tours the Real Beauty exhibit by artist Claudia DeMonte at the Cecille R. Hunt Gallery Feb. 19. Simes found it fascinating that her Japanese and Norwegian heritage were next to each other as dolls in the "Real Beauty" exhibit.

Cameras and Cut ups

A movie providing a lot of angles for the viewer to look at is normally a pretty engaging film. "Unknown," however, manages to only confuse the viewer. Though there is a lot of attention on the story, it's fairly confusing. American researcher Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) and his wife Liz (January Jones) arrive in Berlin for a research summit. As the two arrive at the hotel, Martin realizes he left his briefcase back at the airport and boards another taxi to retrieve it.

Native Nigerian mother leaves baby, home to pursue education in St. Louis

It will be one year on May 29 since Kemi Olasewere last saw her daughter. She never thought she would entrust her six month- old baby Aalia to anyone. But, in order for Olasewere and Aalia to have a better future, Olasewere traveled to St. Louis from Lagos, Nigeria, leaving her baby behind.

Senior separates from newborn to finish final semester

Angie Garcia silently walked into her room at 3 a.m. to wake up her mother, a tan, lean 46-year-old woman. She snuck a peak at her newborn son lying in bed. Garcia, 21, stared at her son, Gabriel Anthony Garcia, as he breathed steadily and made the occasional sigh.

Musician fronts gospel choir

On Sundays, Steward Stiles III sits quietly as he beats on the drums while his uncle preaches to a congregation of about 40 at the New Jerusalem Temple of God. In his Sunday best black suit, white button-up shirt and red tie, he listens to his uncle's sermon about the power of prayer. When the congregation claps in recognition of the preached word, Stiles taps on his symbols.

Cameras and Cut ups

When owners are home, the gnomes guard their lawn. But while the owners are away, the gnomes will play. And when the owners, Miss Montague (Julie Walters) and Mr. Capulet (Richard Wilson), have an ongoing feud, their garden gnomes continue the feud after they leave.

St. Louis nun relives Civil Rights march

Dressed in their black and white habits, Sister Antona Ebo of the St. Mary Franciscan order and Sister Ann Christopher of the Loretto order in St. Louis walked into Selma, Alabama knowing the threats that lay ahead of them.

Dance Club salsas, tangos, swings way to Wichita

Friends Antonio Sanchez, a sophomore philosophy major, and Mariah Nadler, a sophomore creative writing major, walked into the dance studio nervous, but excited to learn some new moves. They’ve been talking about learning ballroom dance, but never found a good opportunity until Feb. 13 at the Valentine’s Day ballroom dance lessons event.

Back to school

When Tarah Flanagan walks into her classes at Webster University, she knows exactly how her students feel — it wasn’t long ago that she was in their place.

Up in the air

Joselyn Simms pulls herself onto a trapeze hanging above a tile floor in Satori Gallery. She bites her lip in concentration, making a concerted effort to breathe as she begins to spin, flip and dive, striking graceful poses.
Student practices ancient Middle Eastern art of belly dancing

Embodying a Culture

Webster Student practices the ancient Middle Eastern art of belly dancing.

Webster celebrates Chinese New Year

By Alex Brandt Webster students were introduced not only to professors from the Confucius Institute, but also to the mythical man-eating dragon Nian during the...

Fox Theatre Foundation awards Dance Department $2,500

By Andrea Sisney Kirkwood High School physical education and dance teacher Lieschen Fink said she has had a lifelong goal to promote dance and fitness...