Sunday, February 28, 2021

“Book of Mormon”

Michael James Scott left Webster University’s Conservatory of Theatre Arts halfway through his senior year to follow his dream of becoming an actor. Now, after starring in over 20 productions, he’s appearing in his seventh Broadway play “The Book of Mormon,” directed by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of South Park.

Seniors show off final pieces in Hunt Gallery

Thought-inspiring pieces from thirteen seniors filled the Cecille S. Hunt Gallery on April 22 at the Bachelor of Arts Student Exhibition.

Leaving his “baby”

Commuter Council president graduates Chris Penberthy is in his last days as president of Webster University’s Commuter Council, a title that he has held since...


Women in ball gowns twirled and men in masks danced at the Black and White Unveiled Masquerade Ball Saturday, April 23. Webster University’s Association for African American Collegians hosted the ball. AAAC members pushed tables in Marletto’s Marketplace to the side, filled the space with balloons and hired DJs to give Webster University students an end-of-the-semester party.

Creative Jamboree moves inside due to weather, continues to rock

Webster University’s second Annual Creative Jamboree took a surprising turn when students attending the free event, expecting to see live music and environmental awareness activities, were asked to take cover in the University Center’s lower level due to tornado warnings in the area.


Music department selects full-time professor

In the fall 2011 semester, Webster’s Music Department will have a new addition; Martha Hart will join Webster’s music faculty starting next August.

Girl Talk!

The blue lights illuminating the Grant Gymnasium went out, bringing an explosion of noise from hundreds of awaiting fans. As the seconds ticked by, the audience got more and more anxious. Arms went up, slow claps started, cell phone flashlights shook in the air and a chant overtook the crowd.

Student performances take the stage, open for Girl Talk

The opening acts for Girl Talk, featuring the rap duo Tef Poe and Rocky with DJ Kevin Mimms, and Samuriot, a ska band, brought an exciting energy to the stage to end SpringFest.

Survival: A day in the life of a human

Copy Editor and photographer for The Journal, Eva Connors, followed a pack of humans and recorded how they survived the zombie acopalypse.

Notes from a Human

Sunday, April 10 6:43 P.M. They are lying. They all are lying. I can tell just by looking at their faces. They rather let innocent people die and cover up their own asses then tell us all the truth about what’s going on. They say there is no infection yet we are still having a meeting tonight? More to come…

Humans vs. Zombies rules and regulations

For one week, Webster University’s campus turned into a war zone. Students ran around campus wielding Nerf guns and socks, sporting bandanas around limbs to designate human status and around the head to indicate they’d been turned into a zombie.


Kodachrome photos shown in May Gallery

A collection of the last images captured on Kodak’s Kodachrome film spanned the walls of the May Gallery last Friday to commemorate the film stock’s retirement. Webster University students and faculty showcased their now-rare photographs using historical film.

Tuvan throat singers perform at Webster

Imagine a smooth baritone voice singing deep from the stomach. Now swirl it with a soft light sound that resembles a small bird. Both of these sounds came from the throats of a four singers from Tuva, located in a small republic in Central Asia.

History of Drag Ball: A look back on 15 years

Since the spring of 1997, Drag Ball has been one of the most unique events on Webster University’s campus. The Webster Pride Association, now called the LGBTQ Alliance, established Drag Ball, and with the help of the Student Activities Council, Drag Ball came to life.