November 24, 2020


Notes from a Human

Sunday, April 10 6:43 P.M. They are lying. They all are lying. I can tell just by looking at their faces. They rather let innocent people die and cover up their own asses then tell us all the truth about what’s going on. They say there is no infection yet we are still having a meeting tonight? More to come…

Humans vs. Zombies rules and regulations

For one week, Webster University’s campus turned into a war zone. Students ran around campus wielding Nerf guns and socks, sporting bandanas around limbs to designate human status and around the head to indicate they’d been turned into a zombie.


[caption id="attachment_2536" align="alignright" width="300" caption="KATE BARKMAN / The Journal The Thailand traditional New Year, Songkran or The Pouring of Water ritual, is a celebration from April 13 to 15 and…

Kodachrome photos shown in May Gallery

A collection of the last images captured on Kodak’s Kodachrome film spanned the walls of the May Gallery last Friday to commemorate the film stock’s retirement. Webster University students and faculty showcased their now-rare photographs using historical film.

History of Drag Ball: A look back on 15 years

Since the spring of 1997, Drag Ball has been one of the most unique events on Webster University’s campus. The Webster Pride Association, now called the LGBTQ Alliance, established Drag Ball, and with the help of the Student Activities Council, Drag Ball came to life.

Aces Wild

Candace Striebeck crouches on the floor of the Sunnen Lounge. In front of her is a worn red duffel bag. She pulls a men’s white dress shirt, a black studded belt, a pair of black converse and jeans from the bag, setting them on the floor in front of her.

Sodexo employee wins award

During the days of the “snowpocalypse” on January 31 through February 2, students thought Marletto’s Marketplace would be closed due to the weather, but Cheri Hicks and her associates did not let that happen.


Underclassmen dance majors embrace performance opportunity [caption id="attachment_2163" align="alignright" width="300" caption="EVAN MUELLER/ The Journal Audrey Simes, a junior dance major, performs the comedic, “Bird in a Gilded Cage.” "][/caption] Webster…

Puns in “Paul” prove funny

In 2004, viewers were introduced to “Shaun of the Dead,” a quirky but hilarious British film about an average schmuck who gets caught up in a zombie apocalypse that became a cult hit almost instantly. Since then, writing duo Nick Frost and Simon Pegg have become icons in their own right.

Cameras and Cutups

“Battle: Los Angeles” proves too fast and too familiar If there is a plot to “Battle: Los Angeles,” it is news to me. In the realm of action films, this…

Quidditch Club sponsors trivia night

“I know this!” Duc Nygen, the president of the Quidditch Club, shouted during the Harry Potter Trivia Night Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Sunnen Lounge at Webster University. As everyone sat down to their tables and ate as they listened to “A Very Harry Potter Musical” in the background. Sam Jones, the sergeant of arms of the Quidditch Club, thought this was a good alternative to playing Quidditch because of the cold weather