Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Webster graduates work behind-the-scenes on Super Bowl commercials

Webster University graduates Sean Funcik and Brian Verbarg became collaborators in two drug awareness advertisements that were broadcast during the 2017 Super Bowl.

Making the most of a degree in the arts

Webster University alumna Dion Allison works at Paint with a Twist, teaches art at an elementary school, pursues her Masters online and raises four children. She has no regrets that she graduated with a degree that has her working two jobs.

Japanese School celebrates new year

The sound of drums kicked off the new year celebration held by the St. Louis Japanese Language School in Grant Gym Saturday, January 21.

Gospel choir director strengthens faith in wake of cancer battle

Webster University junior Robert Richardson believes a moment of clarity is all it takes for a life to change. That moment of clarity came while Richardson laid in a hospital bed, four years ago.

Harry Potter influences student’s decision to study abroad

Harry Potter became a crucial piece of Webster student Emily Griffin’s childhood, and studying abroad gave her the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream - meet an actor from her all-time favorite film.

Webster student Matthew Lesch feels the blues

A video game where gamers play a fake guitar inspired Webster University freshman Matthew Lesch to pick up a real one. That inspiration was the basis for a future in performing blues music around the St. Louis area.

The haunted history of Webster University

Places with a long history usually have scary stories to tell, and Webster is no exception. According to some, the oldest residents on Webster’s campus are actually its ghosts, and every once in a while they make their presence known.

Webster University Gospel Choir express faith through song

Every Tuesday and Friday, the Webster University Gospel Choir meets in the presentation room at the University Center to practice for concerts they hope will spread the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Saturday Night Live regular Aidy Bryant performs at Webster’s Community Music School

Students gathered in the Community Music School and laughed along with Saturday Night Live regular Aidy Bryant as the fall headliner. Bryant performed with College Humor veteran Streeter Seidell on Sept. 8.

Alumni work in close ‘Proximity’ with Adam Wainwright

A handful of Webster University alumni, a camera and St. Louis Cardinals player Adam Wainwright were just a few of the things needed to...

Malone shines light on ‘The Dark Days’

At a school assembly where parents shared stories about losing children to heroin, Webster University junior David Malone got the idea that would lead to his future independent film, The Dark Days.

P!NG performance showcases student talents

Webster University’s P!NG: A Peforming Arts Collective produced its first show since receiving the approval to become an official club. After discussing at weekly meetings what the club’s first official event would be, the club decided to hold a cabaret titled “Great Expectations.”

Students learn ‘living generously’

Students of the keystone seminar “Living Generously” have spent the last few weeks coming up with ways to do just that. The seminar, taught by adjunct professor of education Bob McMullen, is focused on how the concept of generosity affects those involved in the process of being charitable.

Going through “The Grind”

Webster University student Max Friedman was one of 250 submitted short LGBTQ plays for the BRIEFS Festival. His play about love and the art of communication was one of those chosen and was directed by Conservatory assistant professor Gad Guterman.

Art Prom honors David Bowie

Students came dressed in their best 70s glam ready to dance as a tribute to their favorite artist David Bowie. From his 1977 sailor look to his iconic lightning bolt tattoo, Bowie was represented at the annual Art Prom hosted by the Webster University Art Department.

Ilyasah Shabazz reflects on father Malcolm X’s legacy

Ilyasah Shabazz, the third daughter of activist Malcolm X, spoke to students and faculty about her history, accepting herself and finding ways to combat racism Thursday, March 31 at Nerinx Hall.