Thursday, May 19, 2022

Guest vocal instructor Christine Brewer starts Residency Week at Webster

Vocal instructor Christine Brewer is a Grammy-award-winning Opera singer. Her residency week at webster started on Feb. 28, with a recital on March 4....

St. Louis tag-team battles the 11-pound Pointersaurus Pizza

In 2010, Randy Santel and Dan Graham successfully completed the Pointersaurus Pizza Challenge at Pointer's pizza. Eight years later, freshman Asia Jones attempts to finish the 28-inch pizza with her teammate, Curtis Windell.

Steve Burns visits Webster University for Spring Headliner

From Blue's Clues to indie rock, Steve Burns shares a lesson on pursing your dreams and following the journey. After moving to New York City...

Local holiday light attractions go up for the season

Throughout this month, both big businesses and small shops alike are celebrating the holiday season with extravagant light shows and decorations. If you’re looking to...

Webster Gorlok named one of Buzzfeed’s weirdest mascots

Webster was one of 23 university mascots from across the United States to make Buzzfeed's Weirdest Mascot list.

Webster music students performed ‘The Human Experience’ on March 9

Seventeen Webster University music students created a concert to perform for peers, family and community members on March 9 titled “The Human Experience.” The...

Dorm Room Dishes: vegetarian/ vegan edition

Need more greens in your diet? Check out this week's recipe for vegan ramen soup with tofu.

Webster student to appear on ‘True Life’

A night of procrastinating led to student Amela Hadzic's application, and latter acceptance, to MTV's 'True Life.'

The haunted history of Webster University

Places with a long history usually have scary stories to tell, and Webster is no exception. According to some, the oldest residents on Webster’s campus are actually its ghosts, and every once in a while they make their presence known.

Beware of St. Louis haunted houses

While many haunted attractions close at the end of the month, there are still plenty of spooky events going on the weekend following Halloween...

Brief: Trixie Mattel comedy show canceled

Webster University is working to reschedule Trixie Mattel's visit, but a new date has not been released. Trixie Mattel was scheduled to perform a  night...

Webster University Orchestra To Debut Composer Jorge Morel’s Aquarelle Latino

The Webster University Orchestra played the concerto for two guitars with a full string orchestra in a grant theatre hall. This was the way...

Student describes Thailand with three words

Study abroad student Macy Salama talks about her first impressions of Thailand.

‘Stories of Resistance’ resonates with students, seeks global connections

"Stories of Resistance" at the St. Louis Contemporary Art Museum resonated with Webster student Keshon Duke. The exhibition highlights a global view of resistance. Webster...

Webster community expresses themselves through face coverings

Whether supporting sports teams, displaying school pride or creating coordinated outfits, students and staff at Webster University are finding ways to get creative with...